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Short history of the area

Villa Edith is located in Dragsfjärd, Kimitoön Island in a newly built archipelago village Merikruunu (Havskrona). In the year 1930 there was built an "all-inclusive holiday house" called 'Dragsfjärd Pensionat'. These sort of holiday houses were extremely popular as holiday destinations for "busy city folk" in the first half of 20th century. People came here to enjoy the peaceful nature and fresh and clean sea air.

During last decades the building has been hosting travellers as a hostel and a B&B place. In year 2020, it was refurbished and renamed as Hotel Merikruunu (or "Sea Crown" in English). It is hosted by siblings Tarja Koivisto and Lauri Iivanainen.

Even nowadays you can still sense the original atmosphere of the area and the charm of the main building, and naturally also the peaceful nature and fresh sea air (and the most beautiful sunsets). There are also plenty of things to see and experience in the Kimitoön island surroundings.

Villa Edith is carrying the name of the 'Dragsfjärd Pensionat' founder Mrs. Edith Wikström. 

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